Classic Pizza






Ham and Pineapple

R55.00 (M)
R75.00 (L)
R118.00 (J)

Ham and Mushrooms

R58.00 (M)
R78.00 (L)
R124.00 (J)

Ham and Mozzarella

R48.00 (M)
R68.00 (L)
R104.00 (J)
Thai Chicken

Tikka Sauce, Pineapple, Chicken, Garlic and Avocado (if in Season)

R75.00 (M)
R95.00 (L)
R158.00 (J)
Four Seasons

Ham, Peppers, Artichokes and olives

R71.00 (M)
R91.00 (L)
R150.00 (J)
Luiz Green (v)

Peppers, Onions, Asparagus and Mushrooms

R65.00 (M)
R85.00 (L)
R138.00 (J)

Cheese Griller and Pepperoni

R66.00 (M)
R86.00 (L)
R140.00 (J)
Bacon Delux

Bacon, Onio, Green Pepper and Mushroom

R70.00 (M)
R90.00 (L)
R148.00 (J)
Chicken Mayo

Mayonnaise and Chicken Strips

R56.00 (M)
R76.00 (L)
R119.00 (J)

Pepperoni, Onions and Mushrooms

R64.00 (M)
R84.00 (L)
R136.00 (J)
The Russian

Russian, Chutney and Fried Onions

R60.00 (M)
R80.00 (L)
R127.00 (J)
BBQ Chicken

Bbq Sauce, Chicken Strips and Mushrooms

R63.00 (M)
R83.00 (L)
R134.00 (J)
Capo (v)

Mozzarella, Feta, Cheddar Cheese and Fresh Chives

R68.00 (M)
R88.00 (L)
R144.00 (J)
Tough Tony (spicy)

Chilli Sauce, Salami, Fried Onions and Avocados (if in Season)

R72.00 (M)
R92.00 (L)
R152.00 (J)
El Greco

Salami, Feta and Olives

R67.00 (M)
R87.00 (L)
R142.00 (J)
Popeye (v)

Creamed Spinach and Feta Cheese

R55.00 (M)
R75.00 (L)
R118.00 (J)
Lil Lucy

Bacon, Feta cheese and Advocado (if in Season)

R77.00 (M)
R97.00 (L)
R162.00 (J)

Chicken Strips, Feta Cheese and Advocado (if in Season)

R72.00 (M)
R92.00 (L)
R152.00 (J)

Sweet & Sour Sauce, Chicken Strips and Pineapple

R59.00 (M)
R79.00 (L)
R126.00 (J)
Big Joe

BQ Sauce, Steak Strips and Fried Onions

R67.00 (M)
R87.00 (L)
R142.00 (J)

Bacon, Banana and Pepperdew Peppers

R66.00 (M)
R86.00 (L)
R140.00 (J)
Spare Rib

BBQ Sauce, Spare Rib and Mozzarella Cheese

R61.00 (M)
R81.00 (L)
R130.00 (J)
Cheesy Bacon

Bacon, Onions, Peppers, Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese

R78.00 (M)
R98.00 (L)
R164.00 (J)