Cream Cheese Pizzas 

*All Pizzas include Mozzarella, Napolitana Sauce and Cream Cheese

EL Chapo – Large

Mayonaise, Chicken and Cheesegriller

R122.00 (L)
R244.00 (J)
Lucky Luciano- Large

Russian, Pineapple & More Russian

R115.00 (L)
R230.00 (J)
Whitey Bulger

Dorritos Nachos Chips, Mince & Jalapenos

R120.00 (L)
R240.00 (J)
Bonnie Parker

Salami, Peppadew peppers & Chedder Cheese

R133.00 (L)
R266.00 (J)
LA Madrina

Chicken, BBQ Sauce & More Chicken

R117.00 (L)
R234.00 (J)
Frankie Bonano

Chutney, Steak Strips & Sliced Banana

R119.00 (L)
R238.00 (J)
Bugsy Siegel

Sweet & Sour Sauce, Shrimps, Bacon & Fresh Chives

R130.00 (L)
R260.00 (J)

Chourico, Sweet Chilli & More Chourico

R139.00 (L)
R278.00 (J)